Social Media Marketing

Success on Social Isn't Easy!

Success requires a nonstop stream of relevant content to engage with potential customers across multiple social channels. But it's worth the effort!

Percentage of adults with a college education that use Facebook
1 in 0
Number of minutes of total internet use the average user spends on social media
Number of social media accounts the average American has

We offer two options to help Loan Officers win on social media.

Do It Yourself

Introducing Social Marketing, Our Social Media Management App

It's social media management made simple.

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Let Us Help

Put Our Team to Work for You

Our experts will help you execute a social media strategy that increases mortgage production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media profiles can you connect and post to in Social Marketing?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business (Google Posts), LinkedIn, and Google+. From one place, you can publish content to multiple social sites with the push of a button, utilize in-line conversations so the context of interactions isn't lost and schedule a calendar of posts.

How can Social Marketing help generate leads?
Use our Twitter lead generation tool to find customers talking about buying, selling or refinancing a home in your area. Set up lead searches for keywords, such as "refinance" or "open house" for example, then sit back and watch the leads roll in.

How are social audiences built?
Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many Loan Officers it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. You must post frequently and consistently and every post cannot be about mortgages or a promotion of your services. With Social Marketing's ready-to-post content, it has never been easier to provide timely, relevant content for your clients.

Can performance be tracked across profiles?
Yes! See your following grow across channels from one dashboard, monitor changes in Facebook and Twitter reach and see the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns.

If we post to your pages for you, what about compliance?
We take compliance seriously. There are two types of content that we might post on your behalf if you subscribe to a package that includes that service: engagement content and custom content. The engagement content we post consists of shared articles from publicly-available sources. These articles may or may not involve mortgage or real estate information as their purpose is simply to provide engaging content, not to promote your business. These posts will never include any information that should trigger a compliance review. All custom content is provided to the Loan Officer to follow appropriate review and approval guidelines such as their company requires prior to being published. No custom or promotional content is distributed without prior approval of the Loan Officer (or company representative for corporate accounts.)

Where can I preview the posts?
All custom posts are emailed to you for approval. Once approved, all posts will be visible in the "Scheduled Posts" tab in Social Marketing.

What's the timeline when I sign up?
Once you subscribe, you will hear from our team within one business day to schedule your initial setup and training call. If your subscription includes custom post development, the call will include a discussion of the content and timing of a variable number of custom posts depending on the number of weeks remaining in the month. For the months that follow, the monthly strategist call will be scheduled by the 15th of the month. Proofs of the posts will be prepared by our team and sent to you for approval within 10 business days of that call.

Which sites do we develop custom content for?
Our custom content will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Google+ at your direction.

Do I have to have Google, Twitter, LInkedIn and Facebook profiles?
Not at all! We can post to as few or as many profiles as you direct.

What information do you use for custom posts?
We will discuss the content with you. Great customer reviews and testimonials make for fantastic content. Loan program highlights, team member introductions, upcoming event information, and other interesting or informative content also works well. These posts are your opportunity to increase awareness of your business and the value you offer.

What are boosted posts?
Boosted posts are like regular posts, but we'll use a portion of your monthly subscription fee to pay Facebook to show your post to a wider audience than just those who follow your page.

What are the benefits of boosting posts?
According to Facebook, boosted posts are a way to get more people to like, share, and comment on your posts. You can also reach new people who are likely interested in your content but don't currently follow your Facebook page.

What are the targeting options available?
Facebook offers a wide variety of targeting options. During your monthly strategist call, we will discuss this with you to select audiences for each post we intend to boost based on demographics, location, interests, behavior, and much more.

Can I target people who don't currently like or follow my Facebook page?
Absolutely! It is an excellent way to reach new audiences in your market.

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