Social Media Marketing is Relationship Marketing

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Like many things, social media can be intimidating as a marketing tool, particularly for those who do not routinely use social media in their personal lives.  But for Mortgage Loan Officers, social media marketing is nothing more than a new way to perpetuate our old relationship marketing strategies.  We always used to (and still do) talk about “keeping in front of” our agents and previous customers and we employed a variety of strategies and tactics to do just that. While social media has the power to do quite a bit more, it improves on the old methods of staying in touch.

As a Mortgage Loan Officer, the best place to start with social media is to understand that, while it is a marketing tool, it is not an advertising tool. At least, not yet.  Most social media platforms offer advertising opportunities, often with outstanding audience segmentation tools, but if you are just getting started it is a good idea to first establish the habits that will lead to social media success:

Communicate your involvement.

Sure, social media will help you establish new relationships but one of the first things you should do is connect with your existing relationships.  It is okay to send an email out to your contacts to let them know you have joined a social network.  If you have joined several, one email with links to all of them will suffice.  You should also include links to your profile pages in your email signature as well as include the applicable social media tile images on any materials to let your audiences know you are active on those networks.  If you’re NMLS number is on it, except for application documentation, references to your social media pages should be as well.

Content is king.

Far and away the single most important key to social media success is posting content that results in engagement.  Engagement means a click, a “like,” a share, or a comment. Different social media networks attract different types of audiences and require different types of content, but, in the end, the goal of that content is always the same: to induce engagement.  Engagement means your content will continue to be seen by those engaging with it and potentially their friends, too.  We have provided some ideas on what to post.

Consistency is crucial.

What to post and how often to post are typically the two most significant roadblocks for Loan Officers.  If you want your social media strategy to achieve positive results, it must become a deliberate activity. How often you should post depends on which social media network(s) you are using. You have two choices to be successful: you can either commit to investing the time required to creating or curating engaging content throughout the day or you can pay someone to do it for you.  (We have a biased recommendation for a great partner in the event you choose to pay for it.)

Conversation is expected.

A key aspect of social media success that is often overlooked is the importance of two-way engagement.  Again, social media is not like advertising where the audience lacks the ability to be anything other than a recipient of a message you wish to convey.  Social media is an interactive platform that encourages conversation and connection.  Fortunately, finding success in this area is typically not difficult or incredibly time consuming.  Virtually all social networks have mobile applications that will notify you when someone engages with your content and allow you to easily respond with just a few taps on your phone.  It is critical that you download the mobile apps for the social networks you are using and learn to use their basic functionality.

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