Ultimate Visibility Bundle

$199.00 / month

You know you have to keep in front of your customers, referral partners and other audiences to stay top-of-mind, right? Still, it can be a challenge to find the time to consistently serve up interesting content that keeps your previous clients and other contacts engaged. So let us do it for you!

This package integrates 3 digital marketing tactics to not only maintain constant visibility among your previous clients and professional contacts, but also to increase awareness in your community:

Social Marketing

Account Setup/Updating – If you do not currently have a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter account we will create them for you or update your existing accounts as needed.

Daily Engagement Posting – Success on social requires a continuous flow of engaging, mainly non-promotional content to stay in front of your fans and followers. We’ll share interesting content daily based on industry-accepted best practices: 2 Facebook posts, 1 LinkedIn post, and 3-5 tweets every day.

Reputation Management

Google My Business Setup – If you do not already have a Google My Business profile, we’ll set one up for you. A Google My Business profile is your gateway to getting listed on Google and getting Google Reviews, which can significantly increase your rankings in Google Search results.

Google Review Requests – Google Reviews are the gold standard in digital marketing. Today’s consumer forms their first impression of you long before they actually speak to you. Google Reviews are your digital first impression and they have the added bonus of increasing your visibility on relevant, mortgage-related Google searches. With this service, we’ll handle all of your review requests on your behalf. You will also receive notifications of all new reviews received and an easy, one-click platform to respond.

24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring – If someone is talking about you online, their comments could be visible to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Would you know about it? Our system will monitor news sites, social media platforms, blogs, and other media sources for any mentions of your business and notify you so you can be involved in the conversation. You must remain vigilant to protect your reputation.

Business Listing Sync – We’ll scan dozens of business listing sites and directories to ensure your information is accurate all across the internet. Have you worked for more than one mortgage company? If so, it is very likely that there are multiple listings of your information and some of them will have incorrect phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. We’ll find and correct inaccurate information and ensure any new information posted about your business is accurate as well.

Email Marketing

Email has been the go-to method for keeping in touch with your existing contacts for two decades. It is wonderfully efficient and can be extremely effective. Unfortunately, many of the tools available in the industry focus almost exclusively on mortgage-related content. Let’s face it, people really do not care about their mortgage until they care about their mortgage, which means most of that content is completely irrelevant to them for several years. If the goal is to keep in front of people, you have to send them content they will find interesting and entertaining.

Weekly Pro Update – We’ll send our Weekly Pro Update email newsletter to your professional contacts on your behalf (all emails appear to come from you and all replies go directly to you.) The Weekly Pro Update email includes industry-related news, marketing tips and other articles relevant to Realtors and other industry professionals.

Monthly Customer eNewsletter – Again, we do all the work! We’ll send your consumer contacts a monthly newsletter containing housing- and home-related articles that inform or entertain and, best of all, keep you front and center.

(Note – subscription includes up to 1,000 email contacts. Additional fees may apply for larger contact counts.)


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