LinkedIn Advertising Management Add-On

From: $99.00 / month

LinkedIn Ads

Our LinkedIn Ads add-on works much the same way as the Facebook Ads add-on. You direct us on what types of business you wish to target and we will develop and manage the campaigns. One key difference is that we can target LO's for recruiting purposes if you wish. A lot of Loan Officers are on LinkedIn and the platform offers very effective tools to get your message in front of them. Note: You must have authority over a LinkedIn Company Page or LinkedIn Showcase Page for this add-on.

Pricing for our LinkedIn Ads add-on consists of the LOassist subscription for our development and management services, and your LinkedIn ad buy, which are the funds that will be paid to LinkedIn to place your ads.

Just as it is with the Facebook Ads add-on, the subscription cost of the LinkedIn Ads add-on increases with the ad buy as we will be creating more campaigns and ads at the higher ad buy levels to achieve better results.

Monthly Subscription Options:

  • $50 LinkedIn ad buy + $49 LOassist subscription
  • $150 LinkedIn ad buy + $49 LOassist subscription
  • $300 LinkedIn ad buy + $99 LOassist subscription
  • $500 LinkedIn ad buy + $199 LOassist subscription

For larger ad buys contact us.

An LOassist social media marketing subscription package that includes services for LinkedIn is required for this add-on.



How it Works
1. Choose your subscription level and complete the checkout process.
2. Your LOassist Mortgage Marketing Specialist will contact you to discuss the products you wish to promote, the market segments you want to target, and setting up and/or optimizing your LinkedIn profile.
3. We will create your ads, ad groups, landing pages, and lead capturing assets for you to review and approve. Once approved, we will launch your campaign, monitor results, and make adjustments to maximize your return on investment. You will receive monthly reports on impressions, clicks, and other key metrics.