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Email Marketing is the most cost-effective way to keep in front of your contacts on a regular basis. The key is providing incremental value while maintaining visibility and awareness and that’s where we come in. With our Email Marketing service, we’ll develop and send two regular email newsletters on your behalf. Our Weekly Pro Update (view sample) offers your professional contacts current housing industry news and real estate marketing articles to add value to your relationships and our monthly Customer eNewsletter (view sample) provides interest articles to inform, entertain, or inspire your consumer contacts.

The benefits do not stop with our newsletters, however. Your Email Marketing subscription includes the following:

Email List Management. We’ll manage your email list and ensure you remain CAN-SPAM compliant, meaning all emails sent on your behalf will contain the required opt-out information. We’ll track unsubscribed contacts and bad email addresses to keep your email list clean. You only pay for active email contacts.

Unlimited Email Blasts. Have an event coming up, a new product launch, or some other promotional message to get out? Simply send us the email content you want to send (HTML or text) and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll create the email blast, send you a proof to review, and send the email for you after your approval. No additional charge.

Integrations to Grow Your List. Do you want a sign-up form on your website or Facebook Business Page? We’ll create the form and provide the code you need to add the form.

Discounts on Additional Services. You get reduced rates when you want our team to help with your email marketing, including:

  • Email Development. We can help write and design stunning emails using HTML to include images, colors, and other formatting.
  • Email Campaign Development. We’ll develop a series of emails to be delivered according to a pre-arranged timeline to nurture a specific type of contact and move them gradually toward your conversion goal, such as an online application, one-on-one contact, a business lunch with a potential referral partner, etc.
  • Event Invitations & Registration Management. Have an event coming up? We can help design the invitation and manage registrations, including registration pages, automated email notifications of registrations, and pre-event reminders.

We are a full-service mortgage marketing agency so if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask! We exist to help Loan Officers like you do more business.

NOTE: Contact us for pricing if you have more than 10,000 total contacts.


Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Why is email marketing important? Email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your contacts because it is unobtrusive and cheap. Particularly with Realtors in your market and previous customers, just seeing your name in their inbox increases recall even if they do not open your email.

How do I send my contacts? We’ll provide the link to a page to upload your contacts or, if it is easier, you can simply email your lists to an email address we’ll provide. Our goal is to make it as simple for you as possible.

Do you use my email list for any other purposes? NEVER! Your list is your list. We will never use it or share it with anyone.

Who does the email come from? The emails we send on your behalf will appear to come from you and any replies will go directly to you.

Can I add anything to the newsletter content? Yes, we can add promotional content to your newsletter if you have information you wish to include. Your email newsletters will include your email signature and, if you have them available, links to your social pages, online application, website, or any other web assets you wish to include.

Do I pay for unsubscribed or bounced contacts? No, you only pay for active subscribers. We maintain unsubscribed contacts in the system to ensure they do not accidentally get added to your list again, but neither these contacts nor bounced (bad email addresses) contacts are counted toward your billing amount.

‘Unlimited email blasts,’ really? Yes, as long as you are writing and developing the email content, we’ll send it for free. Keep in mind, however, that it may not be a good idea to send more than a few additional emails per month. Send too many emails with minimal value and your unsubscribes will skyrocket.


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