Online & Digital Marketing

The internet is the primary source of entertainment and information for today’s consumer.

Consumers demand 24/7 access to information. If they do not get it from your website, they’ll find it somewhere else.

A web page with your name and contact info is not enough.

Your first impression is no longer made in person, it is made online. Does a one page business card show you are a credible and honest expert in your market? Your professional LO website, created and maintained by LOassist, includes features and content to meet the demands of today’s digital consumer.

More than that, your website can be the anchor of a lead-generating digital marketing strategy that includes online and mobile advertising on Google and Facebook.

Our LO Branded Website includes:

  • LO contact & bio info
  • Branded with your company’s colors and logo
  • Menu link to your company’s existing product info
  • Menu link to your company’s existing online app
  • Social media integration
  • Lead capture forms
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Use your own URL (ex.:
  • Monthly website analytics report

Monthly subscription options:

  • Website, hosting, & 1 blog post per week: $129/month
  • Website, hosting, & 2 blog posts per week: $229/month

Get Started

Your Brand, Your Site. Your site is the hub of your digital brand. It can include your logo, colors, and other brand information as you and your company direct. Also, when you have content to share, such as a new video or testimonial, simply send it to us and we will add it to your site at no additional charge. Click here to view a sample LO website.

Compliance Friendly. Our standard sites can link to your company’s existing product information pages and online application program to reduce compliance concerns. All website content, including blog posts, is provided in advance for review and approval prior to being posted. We will also include any disclosure/disclaimer language your compliance department requires on your website.

Why Blog? A website alone is not going to magically produce leads. Something has to drive traffic to the site. A content marketing strategy that includes blog posts provides fresh content that can be shared by email, on social media, and through other mediums to drive traffic and increase your visibility and reach. And we will write and post them for you!

Looking for a custom or corporate website? Contact us to discuss a solution to fit your specific needs.

Never before has reaching your target audience been so efficient and affordable.

Advertising used to require thousands of dollars to spread your message to thousands of people to reach a few dozen that might actually be interested in what you have to say and hope a couple of them call you. Today, you can spend a fraction of the money to reach hundreds or thousands of people in your market who are specifically interested in your message.

Did you know that Google alone fulfills over 100 billion searches per month and that more than 30% of them are specific to a local area? Digital advertising can put you front and center to people who are specifically searching for mortgage information in your market.

Digital Advertising Subscription Overview

Jumpstart your success and get immediate results using powerful data and segmentation tools to deliver effective ads to people interested in your message. You direct us on what types of business you wish to target (refinance, VA, first-time buyers, etc.) and we will create the ads, landing pages, and other materials, setup the campaign to target relevant audiences, and monitor the results.

Pricing for our digital advertising services consists of two elements: the LOassist subscription for our development and management services, and your ad buy(s) on Google Adwords, Facebook, and Bing, which you will pay directly to your own ad manager account(s) on those platforms. If you do not have an Ad Manager account we will help with setting them up as well.

To achieve the best results, it is always recommended that more than one ad is used on whichever platform(s) you use. When you subscribe to our digital advertising service we will develop several ads in what are known as “ad groups.” This is why the LOassist subscription price increases as your ad buy increases. With larger ad buys we will be creating and managing more ads in more ad groups to maximize your return. The ad buy amounts are cumulative and may be split across multiple advertising platforms. All advertising content is provided in advance for your approval and includes unlimited editing to ensure compliance with your institution’s requirements.

Monthly Subscription Options:

  • $150 ad buy + $49 LOassist subscription
  • $300 ad buy + $99 LOassist subscription
  • $500 ad buy + $199 LOassist subscription
  • $1,000 ad buy + $299 LOassist subscription

To get started or for pricing on higher ad buy amounts, email us at or call us at (888) 351-2053.