How Often Should I Post to My Social Media Pages

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One of the most frustrating things for many of the Mortgage Loan Officers we speak to is the slow speed at which they gain “likes” and followers.  In any kind of marketing activity there are going to be a number of different forces at play and social media is no different.

First, social media is not a pathway to instant-celebrity status. Like just about any other marketing activity, success is achieved through same fundamentals: reach, frequency, messaging, and so on. Unlike other mediums, such as TV advertising, the reach is not generally predetermined by the medium, such as the knowledge that a TV show is going to have about 2 million viewers.

Your reach on social media tends to grow exponentially. As your reach increases, the speed at which it increases also increases.  That’s because you will have an increasing number of people viewing, liking, and sharing your posts, which many of their friends and followers will see, prompting them to do the same, and the cycle repeats.

So the reality is that you are not going to see a tidal wave of activity right away. It does take time. But there are things you can do, and in fact must do, to achieve success faster and one of them is this: post frequently.

There is always a debate about frequency versus quality. Both are essential, but not to the extremes. You do not need to post 25 times a day and every post does not need to be on par with The Iliad. That being said, there are Mortgage Loan Officers and, I am sad to say, some services being offered to Loan Officers, who believe posting to social media pages a few times a week is sufficient. It is not. If that is all you are doing, you are wasting your time (or your money if you are paying for it.)

There are generally-accepted practices related to content and frequency based on consumer research on nearly every social network. Here are a few examples:

Facebook: 2-3 posts per day

Twitter: 5 or more posts per day

LinkedIn: 1 post per day

Pinterest: 5 posts per day

Google+: 2-3 posts per day

Content for all of these sites should be different as well. For example, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest is good for general-audience type of content. LinkedIn and Twitter are better for Realtor and other industry professional audiences. If you (or the service you hired) are posting the same content to all of these channels, you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to target your message to the audiences on each network.

In conclusion, anything worth doing is worth doing right and social media is not only worth doing, it is quickly becoming a necessity. Integrating your social media marketing with email marketing and a blog makes even more sense for today’s Mortgage Loan Officer trying to reach mobile Realtors and consumers. It will take time to do it effectively or you can pay professionals to handle it for you. If you do choose to outsource your social media management, be sure to pay a company that is actually providing services intended for you to succeed and not someone who is posting a few times a week, or even once a day, just to make it look like they are doing something.

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