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We’ll manage your Facebook Advertising. You close the leads.

We can help you leverage the benefits of Facebook’s data to target specific audiences in your market, including:

  • based on demographics and locations
  • behavior and interest factors such as first-time homebuyers and likely movers
  • users who have recently visited particular websites (zillow.com, realtor.com, etc.)
  • custom audiences based on your current database of previous clients or Realtor contacts


Just $50 of effective Facebook Advertising could result in 10-15 targeted leads every month.*


Our Facebook Posting & Ad Management Subscription combines our Facebook Posting subscription with the Facebook Ad Management Add-on to help you maximize the reach and effectiveness of your Facebook presence.

Facebook Posting

Social media success requires frequent and consistent activity on your social media pages. If people see your Facebook page is not consistently active, they will be less likely to engage with your posts, ads, and other content. Let us ensure you are active every day, even when you don’t have time to be active every day. This $39/month subscription package includes the following services included in our Facebook Posting subscription:

  • Page setup and optimization
  • 2 Facebook posts per day
  • Up to 2 custom posts per week
  • Online reputation monitoring
  • Bi-weekly Social Activity & Engagement Report

Facebook Ad Management Add-on

Jumpstart your success and get immediate results with Facebook ads. You direct us on what types of business you wish to target (refinance, VA, first-time buyers, etc.) and we will create the ads, landing pages, and other materials, setup the campaign to target relevant audiences, and monitor the results.

Pricing for our Facebook Ads add-on consists of two elements: the LOassist subscription for our development and management services, and your Facebook ad buy, which are paid to Facebook to run your ads.

To achieve the best results, it is always recommended that more than one ad is used. When you subscribe to our Facebook Ads service we will develop several ads in what are known as “ad groups.” This is why the LOassist subscription price increases as your ad buy increases. With larger ad buys we will be creating and managing more ads in more ad groups to maximize your return.

Monthly Subscription Options:

  • $50 Facebook ad buy + $49 LOassist subscription
  • $150 Facebook ad buy + $49 LOassist subscription
  • $300 Facebook ad buy + $99 LOassist subscription
  • $500 Facebook ad buy + $199 LOassist subscription

For larger ad buys contact us.

Click “Select Options” below to choose your subscription level and subscribe.

*The claim of 10-15 leads per month is based on averages from current subscribers. Actual results may be higher or lower depending on audience, content, and other factors.