The 3 Fundamentals of LinkedIn Success for the Mortgage Loan Officer

The 3 Fundamentals of LinkedIn Success for the Mortgage Loan Officer

Every social media network has its own niche. It may be a unifying attitude or behavior shared by most users or it may be a function or application that separates one from the others. As most know, LinkedIn is considered the business or professional network. The path to success on LinkedIn for Loan Officers is different than it is for most other sites. Here are 3 things that you must do to be successful on LinkedIn.

1. Have a complete, well-written profile.
This is important on any social media network but especially on LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that if someone searches your name on one of the popular search engines, your LinkedIn profile is likely to be at or near the top of those search results. Therefore, your LinkedIn profile is not just an introduction to other members of LinkedIn, it may be one of the first things that your potential borrowers see.

Be sure to include a professional image. Provide your contact information and links to your other online resources if you have them (and you should!). Write your profile not from the perspective of what you have to offer but rather tell your audiences what they will gain by connecting with you. Share your background, your strengths, and your interests. Help people connect with you at the human level, not just on a social network.

Finally, update your profile regularly. Not only will this ensure the most recent information is available on your profile, your connections will also be notified when you make changes to your profile so it is another opportunity to get in front of them.

2. Use the Recommendations section.
Virtually no audience, particularly among today’s younger generations, trusts anything as much as they do peer reviews. There are no better spokespersons for your business than “people like me.” Of course, Loan Officers have used testimonials for as long as there have been Loan Officers, but even those testimonials that may be shared on the generic web page that most LO’s have on their employer’s website are often not viewed as favorably. Today’s consumers understand that those posted are cherry-picked to present a positive image. Peer reviews that appear on other sites, however, tend to carry more weight as they are believed to be more authentic.

There is a link in the profile editor that provides the functionality to “ask to be recommended.” You can request recommendations from up to three connections at a time.

3. Add value to your relationships.
Adding value means providing content that will be of interest to your connections. It is imperative that you share engaging content consistently or your updates will cease to appear in the feeds of your connection. The content you share should typically be industry-specific and seek to educate your audiences, update them on the current situation, ask them relevant questions, or help them solve a problem or achieve their goals.

Remember, social media networks are not advertising channels unless you are paying for ads on the network. This is not a place to promote you or your mortgage products frequently. Social networks, particularly LinkedIn, are social places where you can forge new relationships, maintain relationships with people you already know, and establish credibility and connection with the people they know. The great thing about LinkedIn is that many of those in your network are more than willing to help you achieve your goals because they want others to help them do the same.