Direct Mail

Want to Mail Postcards?


Mail to your list or purchase one, we’ll do all the work.

Direct mail response rates are as high as ever, providing a reliable ROI for LO’s that do it right.

Look Good!

Look sharp with professionally-designed and printed postcards to promote your business. Simply tell us what you want to promote and let us do the design work for you.

Your List or Ours?

We can mail to your existing contact list or purchase one for you. Want to send postcards to “high-income renters” in your market? We can build a list from many different data points.

Done For You

You provide the direction and let our Mortgage Marketing Specialists execute your vision for you. We will design, print, address, and mail your postcards for you.

Custom Postcard Mailing Services

A significant barrier to direct mail success is that it requires consistent mailings over a prolonged period of time. The return tends to increase as the number of mailings increases. We understand the challenges faced by Loan Officers. Some months are busier than others and just do not allow the time required to address and mail out hundreds of postcards.

Let LOassist do it for you. Contact us and tell us your goals. Whether you are looking to maintain your existing relationships by sending postcards to your existing mailing list or you want to create new relationships using a purchased list, we can help you develop a mailing strategy that fits your budget, then we will execute it for you!

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us at or (888) 351-2053 to talk to an LOassist Mortgage Marketing Specialist about your goals.

Quick Start Mailing Campaign

Just want to get started sending postcards to a targeted list of contacts in your market? Our Quick-Start Campaign offers a simple way to add direct mail to your marketing strategy.

Choose from two different segmentation options: high-income renters or high-value homeowners (centered on your office location unless otherwise directed.) We will send you four postcard proofs each subscription month, personalized with your information. You simply select which postcard you want sent along with any requested edits to the content. Once you approve the postcard we’ll print and send it to a purchased list of 500 contacts in your selected market segment. We will repeat this process every month that your subscription continues, ensuring your contact list receives multiple mailings from you. We will update your mailing list every 6 months.

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