about us

We have one mission: to help Loan Officers improve their lives.
LOassist. Mortgage marketing. Done for you.

Founded in 2016 by a former Loan Officer, branch manager, and marketing manager with nearly 20 years in the mortgage industry, LOassist seeks to provide access to professional marketing products and services for Loan Officers and small mortgage companies that lack that access.

There is no shortage of tools available to Loan Officers in the mortgage marketing space, but we understand that most Loan Officers are not lacking for things to do. That's why we focus on what we can do for you, not what we can help you do yourself. Our mission is to help Loan Officers improve their lives. That means more than giving you marketing support, it means giving you more time. Time you do not have to spend learning how to use a new system or how to use some new tool. You deal with enough friction in getting loans closed, you don't need more in promoting yourself.