5 Sure Ways for Mortgage Loan Officers to Increase Social Media Followers

Growing your social media followers on any platform can be a difficult task, particularly if your social media accounts are new or if you have not been consistently posting new content. In general terms, the key to growing your followers over the long-term is to post engaging content consistently, but even that is not going to cut it in the beginning since very few people may see your posts at all. You need to use other means to jumpstart your following and here are 5 ways to do it.

Ask the contacts you already have to follow your pages.
Virtually all the major social networks have some variation of “find friends” functionality built in. Most of the time they have a process that connects to your email contacts or allows you to upload a list of your email contacts so their systems can identify existing users that you know and contact them with an invitation to connect with you. Another way to accomplish this is to simply email your contacts yourself and ask them to connect with you. In fact, it would be a good idea to email your contacts every three or six months to invite them to connect if they have not already.

Place Linked Tiles in Your Email Signature
Let everyone know you are active on social media with every email you send by including the image tiles in your signature. It is a simple process to add social media tiles in most email clients as all you have to do is add the images and link them to your pages. For a step-by-step guide to adding the tiles to your Outlook or Gmail email, click one of the links below:

Adding social tiles to an Outlook email signature
Adding social tiles to a Gmail signature

Follow those you want to follow you
This applies more to your professional contacts, but one of the best ways to get people to follow you is for you to follow them. Seek out the contacts you want to connect with and follow their pages but do not stop there. Make a quick note of every page you follow. If, after a few days, they have not followed your page, too, then reach out to them by either messaging them on the social network or emailing them directly. Let them know you enjoyed their profile/page and ask them to follow yours.

Interact and share other people’s content.
In addition to following other people’s pages you should share their content. Of course, you should only share good content, but just as you are notified when someone engages with your content, so are they. When they see your name and picture they might take a moment to click through to your pages and follow you.

Do not just post, communicate.
Social media networks are not advertising platforms; they are relationship tools. Ask anyone what is the most important thing in a relationship and the first answer is almost always the same: communication. When people engage with your content engage with them. Like their comment, respond to their comment, thank them for liking or sharing your content. Not only does this add depth to the relationship with the individual, it also increases the likelihood that their friends and family see your interaction and engage with your page themselves. Mobile applications for the social media networks will notify you when some form of engagement occurs on your pages and they make it quick and easy for you to respond.

Increasing your followers will most likely occur rather slowly at first but as it increases, the rate at which your followers grow also increases because each new follower opens you up to potential exposure to all their friends, family, and followers also. Once you reach a tipping point, usually a few hundred active followers, you should continue to see growth if you are providing frequent, consistent, and engaging content.