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82% of Americans under 50 use at least one social media network.

60% of buyers research service providers online before making a purchase decision.

You know you need to be online. The only question is when will you find the time?

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Social Media Management

The most significant challenges that Loan Officers face is knowing what to post and finding the time to post frequently and consistently. LOassist will help you establish your social media pages and post great content for you every day!

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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your Realtors and previous customers. LOassist is your email newsletter auto-pilot. We'll handle the content, design, distribution, and list management so you don't have to.

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Your Own Website

If your company allows you to have your own website, LOassist can provide you with a distinct and professional web presence. This is your online first impression, conveying your credibility and authority as a Mortgage Professional.

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Your Blog

Today's homebuyer demands 24/7 access to information available at their fingertips. Hosting a blog offers that information, increases your authority, and provides outstanding content to help you expand your reach through social media. And, of course, we write and post it all for you.

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Personalized Content

Don't have time to create articles, social posts, landing pages, or emails about specific products, upcoming events, or other topics? We're your content marketing team! You tell us what you are trying to say and we will create and distribute it for you!

We Understand Compliance

We know compliance is a big deal. Original social posts are intended to drive engagement, not to discuss mortgage products or rates. All blog and email content is provided prior to distribution for approval. If your compliance department wants something changed, we will change it!

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We communicate on your behalf using the tools your customers use to communicate with each other.


  • For any Loan Officers or others who desire a comprehensive media management tool to assist you in getting your information to customers who can find you, there is none better than LOassist! When just being on social media isn't quite making it happen for you, let LOassist assist you in executing your social media strategy. And you need a media strategy to negotiate the different media available to you today for business. Whether its Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest - let LOassist be your guide!

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